Terms & Conditions

Just like any gambling site today, there are terms and conditions that you have to agree to before you can create an account at FairPlay. However, many players just tick the checkbox and rush to make their first bet. This is such a common practice among site users, even beyond the scope of online gambling, that for some sites, they even have the box automatically checked.

But we believe that players should take a more active role in knowing what they’re agreeing to. This helps a lot in setting expectations and ensuring that you’re comfortable with the terms that FairPlay Casino and Sportsbook has set.

Don’t have time to read the entire document? Or perhaps you’re looking to get a first impression of the contents that will be in there? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to dedicate the rest of the text to giving you a quick overview of the most important information in this very important agreement.

General Impression and Relevant Info in FairPlay’s Terms and Conditions

FairPlay introduces itself as a one-stop shop for two very popular gambling options: casino and sports betting. Compared to other T&C documents from other casino sites, this one seems to be a little shorter. However, from what we have seen, it was able to comprehensively cover a lot of the details that a player would want to know about. There are also supplementary documents, so, we’re assuming that the rest of the details can be found there.

If you’re interested in trying out this online casino, here is some information that you’ll find in the document:

  1. After registration, FairPlay is free to share your information with credit reference agencies;
  2. Failure to give true, accurate, and up-to-date information can void your deposits and any winnings resulting from them;
  3. FairPlay can suspend or completely shut down your account if you perform illegal activities using their platform, file for bankruptcy, and/or violate any of the terms in the document. The specifics are in V. Suspension and Closure;
  4. You can only bet with funds that have been cleared by the platform;
  5. You have to wager the funds you deposited before you can withdraw them;
  6. If there are chargebacks, they will get the amount from any positive balance in your account;
  7. They are free to keep your winnings and prevent you from joining contests or tournaments if you engage in behaviour that they deem unfair or abusive;
  8. They cannot be held liable for any kind of damage that happens because you used their services;
  9. The FairPlay platform uses other companies to provide some features, each with its own T&Cs. It’s up to you to find out what’s in those documents.

Does FairPlay Club’s T&C Document Sufficiently Explain Everything?

Definitely. As for the content, we were not left with any major questions after reading the document. For issues that have not been covered, we were able to easily find the information in other links like the Privacy Policy and Rules & Regulations. But should you still have questions, their customer support is more than happy to point you in the right direction.

For us, the biggest advantage of the T&Cs is how accessible the information is. Apart from using plain language to describe the terms that you will be agreeing to, they also used bullets to improve the general structure of the document. By doing so, it becomes easier for the reader to skim through everything.

The information presented above is just a quick run-through of the most relevant information that you should know before going through the registration process. So, we still believe that you should go through everything before deciding whether this gambling platform is right for you.